How it works

Check-in When checking in, the guest is asked if they agree to participate in a short survey by text message at the end of their stay.
Hotel employee "Thank you for staying at XZY Hotel. Can we ask you three quick questions about your stay?" Sent to guest on day of check-out "How would you rate your stay out of 10?"
Stayrated If guests rates their stay between 8 and 10 a link to your TripAdvisor page is emailed to them to encourage positive reviews. "Is there anything in particular you would like to make us aware of?"
Guest Guest answers questions by text message. A manager is alerted by text message if a guest is unhappy with their stay in order to discuss to any issues they have. If the guest enjoyed their stay, an email link to TripAdvisor is sent asking them to leave a review.

Stayrated collects feedback from your guests automatically. Just log into your secure online portal and view the results.

In-hotel feedback from your guests will send a text message to your guests on the day they checkout, asking them to rate their stay out of 10. Discover exactly what your guests think about your hotel and address any issues before they leave.

Boost your online reputation

If a guest rates their stay between 8 and 10, a link to your TripAdvisor page will automatically be emailed to them, encouraging as many positive reviews as possible.

Stay alert to unhappy guests

Ensure guests leave your hotel happy by receiving real-time text message alerts if a guest rates their stay as less than 7.


View responses on any device

Track guests’ feedback scores and suggestions from any device, allowing you to take appropriate action where ever you are.

Multiple location options

Easily monitor feedback across all your hotels, identifying those that are underperforming and using guest’s suggestions to address any issues.

Create location managers

Hotel managers can login and view their location ratings, whilst regional managers (or Directors) can view every location at once.

View reports and statistics

Interactive graphs and tables give you an immediate snapshot of how you are performing based on your guests’ feedback.